Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jo is here!

She's currently living in a guesthouse, so I met her at Shinjuku and brought her to an izakaya and then to (where else?) Luxor for shisha.

Now that I'm there every weekend, the staff recognize me and know me by name, we managed to get bumped up to a private room and got a free oomori (upsize) and 10% discount even thought I forgot to bring P's member card. I felt so ghetto-fabulous!

We are in the midst of looking for apartments and saw one we really liked, but it involves an upfront payment of 8,000 USD which includes two months key money (customary gift to the landlord), two months security deposit (refundable after two years), one month commission to the realtor and one month advance payment. OUCH.

The apartment is slightly bigger than my current one and near the station too, and right behind my favourite drugstore! The monthly rent will work out to about 800USD each which is within our budget.

We'll have to decide by the end of this week because my lease ends in 2 weeks, but I'm so excited! Will keep everyone posted. :)

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