Saturday, September 1, 2007
Uniquely Singaporean 


Why is why I am thrilled to find anyone with some sort of Singaporean connection- i.e. having visited, worked or lived in Singapore for a period of time.

Through my Japanese course I met a trainee teacher who was born and raised in Singapore and even speaks English with a local accent. She is planning to settle down in Singapore once her training here is over, and apparently she was really excited to have me in class and decided from the start that we were going to be friends.

Great minds think alike.

We met up for coffee and chat on a lazy Tuesday afternoon and went to take pikura thereafter.

Tonight I was introducted to P's good friend Brandon, who's from the Midwest but has just relocated to Tokyo. He studied in Singapore for 2 years in UWC which is right behind my college, and we spent a good half of the night reminiscing about Singapore and I suggested we check out the Singaporean restaurant near the station.

I had refused to step inside because of the exorbitant prices (think 750yen for a plate of Hainanese chicken rice and 900 yen for a tiny bowl of bah ku teh), but curiosity got the better of me.

Verdict? The food was actually decent, but the prices are going to keep me away for the time being... or until they add prata, laksa, nasi lemak and chilli crabs to the menu!

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