Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meeting Ishida, as it has been with most other native Japanese people I've befriended, was random.

I had a farewell lunch with Igami before he left for London, and when I waved him off at the train station, he briefly introduced me to his university friend Ishida.

We exchanged numbers and ended up becoming good friends and meet regularly for dinner and drinks. He is now finishing his hairstyling diploma before he enrols into Meiji University next year to get his MBA. His dream is to run his own hair salon.

He speaks pretty decent English, aided by the dictionary function in his mobile phone, and he gets free lessons from me over a meal. I get to practise my Japanese and be his hair model. Last month he dyed my hair for free, and today I got a nice trim.

It's a mutually beneficial friendship, and I'm happy to have met him.

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