Tuesday, December 25, 2007
So this is Christmas 

Christmas Day itself is always a bit of an anti-climax, but I'm glad to have spent the day with my darling girl Mellie, who is also abandoning me tomorrow to jet-set to Beijing and Hong Kong (!!!) to be with her dad and sister until the new year.

Some girls have all the fun, but I'm making sure she comes back with a fabulous bag for me.

Mellie complained about always having the same pose,
so I had to be hiao for her... hehe!

In front of a Nara art installation

We had our Christmas lunch at the AtoZ cafe, a collaborative project between artist Yoshitomo Nara and design unit Graf, tucked away in Omotesando and oh-so-stylish and cosy. The food was reasonably-priced and surprisingly good, and I especially loved the warm gooey chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream.

I love Omotesando!

After that we took a walk down the beautiful Omotesando to soak up the Christmas atmosphere and window-shopped... until we hit the winter sale at Gap and had to buy ourselves something, of course. ;)

I work to fund my shopping.

And I'm leaving you with a little Christmas cheer right from inside Omotesando Hills-

"Amazing Grace"

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