Saturday, January 12, 2008

After living in Tokyo for 8 months, I've forgotten how expensive it is.

Train rides start from about 19o yen (SGD2.50) to 500 yen (SGD6.50) one-way. A lunch set of 800 yen (SGD10) is considered cheap, and I usually spend 2000-4000 yen (SGD25-50) for dinner when I'm out with my friends. I used to get my dresses in This Fashion from Singapore for about SGD20 (1500 yen) each, but I pay about 2500-4000 yen (SGD30-50) for a discounted item here, and more if it's normal retail price.

At the recommendation of Jo, I went to Toyosu's Lalaport with Mellie today and enjoyed an idyllic afternoon eating and shopping. (Jo likens it to Vivocity.) I did more eating, Mellie did more shopping.

I knew there was a Ya Kun outlet in Toyosu and had been craving all week for their signature kaya toast and kopi, so I didn't even blink at forking out 390 yen (SGD5) for two slices of toast with a tiny cup of kopi. It was good, they used the "sock", but doesn't quite taste the same as the one brewed by an uncle in a dirty singlet in a kopitiam. Besides, I couldn't explain "kopi-gao" in Japanese. I was going to buy a jar of kaya to bring home, but it costs a ridiculous 880 yen (SGD11)!

I was also looking for Kona Gold Coffee since the one that Emily bought me for Hawaii is almost finished, but since it is imported, the price is inflated to 4400 yen (SGD55) for a mere 250 grams, as opposed to the listing price of US$14 online. I ended up getting the Espresso Roast from Starbucks instead.

I should make a wishlist soon.

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