Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Shopping in Shibuya 

Because I woke up past noon, because we were all feeling lazy and Yokohama seemed so very far away, my favourite girls and I ended up shopping in Shibuya today. I managed to persuade Jo to join us by using the four magic words, "LAST DAY OF SALE".

And shop we did!

Our view from the Cheesecake Cafe across from the station

For the uninitiated, Shibuya can be a harrowing experience. It is one of the busiest station in the most densely populated area in the world, and it never seems to quieten down. The streets are filled with Japanese youngsters and gae-rus and gae-ru-os (think counter-culture kids with fake tans, thick make-up, exaggerated hairstyles and a peculiar fashion sense) and gawking tourists with cameras hung around their necks.

Us being silly in a shop selling random knick-knacks

Mel and I agreed that we need to find a new hobby, something else to occupy our free time with, like a cafe where we can while our time away drinking coffee and reading.

But I think, sometimes, you just have to let a girl be a girl.

This city can really wear you out sometimes.

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