Thursday, February 7, 2008
Gong xi fa cai 

I almost forgot about Chinese New Year.

In Japan where it is a non-event, I find myself missing the cheesy ching-chang-chong Chinese New Year songs played to death in the malls, the garish red decorative pieces everywhere, shopping in Chinatown with my folks, steamboat dinner with my family, the pussywillows my sister and I would have fun de-shelling, the new clothes I get to parade in front of the relatives I see once a year and put up a nice front for, the bak kwa, the noisy shuffling of mahjong tiles deep into the night, the meaningless variety programmes, the same Chinese movies they replay every year, the angpao money I get from my relatives- heck, even the "When are you getting married?" questions from my nosey aunts.

It was heartwarming to receive a call from my parents nagging at me to take care of myself in the cold weather, asking me when I was buying them plane tickets to see me (I'm saving up!), and then webcamming with the extended family on MSN and talking our usual rubbish.

In the meantime, my social life has been really busy of late, which means eating out at new restaurants a lot and meeting new people. It sounds silly, but I am fully booked for the next two weeks. That's the thing about Tokyo, you get sucked into a time warp and every day presents itself as a new adventure.

Tomorrow, I am going to Kate Cafe in Shimokitazawa with Ryan, and it feels weird to be going to a cafe sans Mellie. She'll understand. ;)

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