Friday, February 1, 2008
La Poursuite #1: Conceal Cafe 

Mel and I are on Project La Poursuite D'Cafe Ole.

And so today we commenced on our very rigid search with Conceal Cafe, tucked away in a small crossing near the Shibuya West Exit. It was vintage-meets-beatnik, with scrubbed walls, retro furniture and an ecclectic mix of music. We were ushered into a separate hall from the dining area because we were only ordering drinks, but it was a perfect kind of quiet in there, natural light streaming in from the huge windows, and it felt like we were hangin' out in someone's loft.

The 4th floor of the same building housed an art gallery for amateur artists to showcase their works.

You can while away the afternoon there with a good book and good company, and it acts as a nice respite from the chaos of the main Shibuya shopping district.

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