Saturday, February 2, 2008
La Poursuite #2: Paul Bassett 

Paul Bassett is a collaborative effort between World Barista Champion Paul Bassett and World Patissier Champion Tsujiguchi.

Located in the business district of Shinjuku, it is a good 10 minutes on foot from the west exit and takes some navigation to get to. Their biggest selling point is the premium coffee and delectable desserts offered at everyday prices- I was impressed with my large cup of Ethopian Harar Blue Horsedrip coffee, but my Mille Crape Caramel erred on the dough-y side although the caramel syrup and burnt sugar glaze went well with my coffee drank black.

The decor, however, is unimpressive and the ambience lacking, giving one a serious, cold atmosphere. The unsimiling waiters were a letdown for service-oriented Japan. The music blared from the speakers was Top 40 pop, which almost made me feel like I was in a fast food restaurant.

I reckon they could easily rival Starbucks or Tully's if they decide to go chain-store, but for now they will remain as being somewhat obnoxious and overrated.

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