Monday, February 25, 2008
La Poursuite #6: Cafe Heaven's 

Every week, Mellie and I mull over which cafe to visit, given the ever-expanding number of cafes in Tokyo (much like our universe).

We set out to Ebisu on Friday after Japanese class, determined to find Neuf Cafe. We found it on the rooftop in a back alley about 5 minutes on foot from the East exit, but it was only opening at 3 and we were both starving.

Wandering the streets cold and hungry, we stumbled upon Cafe Heaven's.

The owner's idea of heaven must be a log cabin deep in the woods- the furniture and flooring were completely made out of wood and the walls adorned with big colourful art pieces, all that was missing was a firepiece. Their choice of music was interesting, shifting between mellow jazz to retro pop to world music, blaring at a slightly obstrusive level. The customers came from all walks of life- the token young ladies' group, salarymen, artsie folks and gaijins alike.

The food was impressive and the portions generous for the reasonable price of 1050 yen each. Mel ordered the pasta set while I got the main special, and it came with salad and a cup of thick roasted coffee.

A must to check out if you are in the area and wanting a hearty meal, but probably not where you would hang out for an extended period of time.

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