Monday, February 4, 2008
What's up, B? 

My silly SMS conversation with Ryan on the train home-

    Me: We survived the weekend! Have yourself a nice cold beer :)
Ryan: On my way to do just that. Easy weekend- my first two and last two
            lessons were cancelled, and last 2 yesterday too!
    Me: I hate you!
Ryan: Why? Usually my luck rubs off on the people I hang out with!
    Me: One dinner does not constitute as hanging out!!!
Ryan: Well you'll have to remedy that I guess...
    Me: I planned the first dinner- "It's your turn to pick the restaurant next,             Tony."(Berlitz English 4, Chapter 2). Don't ask me why I remembered.
Ryan: Wow, now that's talent. I can only hope to one day match that.
    Me: "You know what, Paula, I'm not really hungry right now..." (Berlitz             English 2, Chapter 2) The tragic story of my life!!!
Ryan: Haha. What?? No Hot Topics or Talking About Business today? Not so             impressive after all.
    Me: "Peter sat in his office, he's had the time to think about his life for the
            first time in months..." (Berlitz Business Reader). I'm delirious!
Ryan: Haha okay, Miss Memory.
    Me: Last one- What did Sushi A say to Sushi B? "What's up, B?"
Ryan: What?? I'm dazed and confused.
    Me: What's up, B? (Wasabi) I blame my sister for the joke.
Ryan: Aaaaaahh... now I get it, so clever. You mean that's not a T original?
    Me: Unfortunately I have no stake in her brillance... Sigh.

It was a deadly combination of the lack of sleep, fatigue and hunger.

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