Thursday, March 6, 2008
La Poursuite #8 Double-Bill:
Cafe Madu & Opatoca 

Seeing as I had an appointment tomorrow with my stylist, I moved forward my Friday date with Mel to today and we spend an entire afternoon in Omotesando.

We first had lunch at Cafe Madu, which we chanced upon walking along the smaller alleys.

It was a nice enough cafe, although nothing memorable because neither of us could remember the decor or music when we had to write in our notebook later.

Cafe Madu

We resisted the temptation to order dessert so that we could scout the area for another cafe to check out.

We walked up and down the main Omotesando streets window-shopping and pretending that we could afford all the gorgeous outfits on display in the posh boutiques... aaah, the tragic lives of underpaid English teachers!

Deciding to take a random turn at a street corner, we were lured by a display of freshly baked bread and couldn't resist the temptation to eat again.

Opatoca Bakery

I am a big fan of bread- I would eat bread for three meals a day if I could and their bread was sooooo divine! The shopowner was so earnest in serving us and he very politely switched to English when he heard us talking to each other, explaining to us what the ingredients in each bread was. He also took out a tupperware full of generously-portioned samples for us to try before deciding.

I settled on a long thin breadstick chock-full of big chocolate chips and I ended up buying one for Ryan too.

Do we ever stop eating?!

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