Friday, March 28, 2008
My date with Spring 

I remember the same time last year, I watched the cherry blossoms broadcasted on television in Singapore and wished I could be there.

The flowers were in full bloom today at Ueno Park, 9 days earlier than predicted.

It was beautiful- the entire park painted a sky of white and pink and I could barely believe that I was there seeing it with my own eyes.

Ryan and I seized the opportunity to spend the perfect day wandering around the park with our cameras, celebrating hanami with the Japanese.

In our search for my caffeine fix, we ended up walking into a big cemetry and studying the tombstones. That was as strange as dates could go, but when we went to the end, we found ourselves atop a little hill that overlooks his station. It was a nice kind of quiet, a refreshing elevated view of the metropolis.

It was my first time in that side of Ueno (sadly, I had only been to Ameyoko for cheap shopping a la Hong Kong) and it was perfect. Surrounded by museums, happy people, nature and other randomness, there was so just so much to see and do.

You can view the rest of my photos here.

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