Saturday, March 29, 2008

It was a bad idea to go snowboarding with only 4 hours of sleep and not enough food in my tummy. The 2.5 hours on a cramped tour bus with a bunch of strangers only served to further dampen my mood.

I was transformed into the most horrible date imaginable- I whined about everything. "Why is it so expensive to rent the outfit?", "It's all slush!", "I am so tired I can't even stand up..." and "You go ahead without me" (because when a girl says that, she doesn't really mean it).

It came down to me removing my boots in the middle of the slope because I was right about to fall off the ledge and then sitting there and texting Mel and Jo to tell them how much everything sucked.


But Ryan was patient and put up with my sulky face in the morning, and while he did go ahead for a bit of a fast run without me, he responded to my "Where are you? I don't want to lunch alone." text and came down to meet me with the rest.

Turns out all I needed was some carbs.

After our buffett lunch, I unwillingly agreed to take the romance ski lift with them to the top of the mountain, the steepest of slopes, on the pretext of enjoying the spectacular view (but all I was wondering was how on earth I could make it down in one piece).

Dave took it upon himself to show me the basics of snowboarding and I was too embarrassed to told him to leave me alone, so I half-heartedly followed his instructions but it didn't take too long for me to get the hang of it.

Despite falling on my face and ass a hundred times over, I managed two full supervised runs with him and then 3 free-and-easy runs with Ryan. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and dare I say, actually had fun.

We skied till before the sun came down and then took the bus back to Tokyo.

It is expensive to pay for board and outfit rental everytime, so maybe next season I might invest in my own snowboard and go more often.

But tomorrow I will wake up and ache so badly I won't be so positive anymore.

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