Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Byebye Chichi 

I had lunch with Casey in Shinjuku today before she left for the airport, and she gave me a Thank You card.

To my favourite Thai-Thai T,

The past one week has been a whirl of eye-opening activities for a typical Singaporean girl like me...

Thank you so so much for showing me to all the interesting sights in Tokyo, introducing me to all the fabulous, fabulous food (double points for putting on weight for us) and most importantly, just being around for me. You're the best tour guide that Danny and I could ever have (and no need to give tips somemore :))

I'm really thankful for having the opportunity to catch up with you again and knowing that you're doing well in a new country... I'll do it all over again in a Tokyo minute!

It's time for me to return to Singapore and lead my unhealthy lifestyle again, but hasta la vista, I'll be back! (And the next time for a long duration too.)

Until then, look forward to seeing you in Singapore, TAKE CARE!

Hugs and kisses,
Chi-chi Casey

My darling girl, I'm not crying because I'm seeing you soon (in June) and because you promised to be back! Know that I am always missing you and wishing you the best in whatever you do.

Hanging out with Casey the past week brought back a flood of memories, reminding me of what I left behind in sunny Singapore. She left a hole in me with her departure, but life will go on.

Back to my normal routine again!

Click here for all the photos we took.

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