Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The rain, with its rhythmic pitter-patter lullaby, hasn't stopped for the last 2 days.

I pretend that it's the incessant raining that keeping you away, not our anti-climatic "Let's call the whole thing off" over texting, not the fact that we are just incompatible and you can't force love.

Blame the rain, the cold bitter rain that dulls my senses and leaves everything in a fog. I hate the rain, because I can't stop it, like I can't stop things from ending this way.

But I'm thankful that Armin is here for the next ten days, bearing half a suitcase of gifts from friends and family back home. Tons of coffee, chocolate, bottled chilli sauce, Nutella, toothpaste, local English magazines, instant noodles, This Fashion dress, accessories, a book, a toiletries gift set, a watch, a gold chain...

Santa came 8 months early for me.

Thank you Mummy, Mama, Jole and Ahred, and of course Armin. I count myself blessed.

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