Thursday, April 24, 2008

With a constant stream of visitors from home, all I ever do these days is to eat and drink, and I'm putting on all the weight I've lost since I got here.

Upon Casey's request, E and I searched online and found a place in Ebisu that served okonomiyaki.

The downside was that the service was incredibly slow and a certain waitress looked pissed whatever we asked her.

But the food was amazing and definitely worth the walk and wait.

We were also pleasantly surprised that the bill only came to 3,000 yen each although we had 5 dishes and 2 rounds of drinks each! I'm so proud of our find. :)

The couple was exhausted from their day in Disneyland so they headed back to their hotel after dinner, but E and I decided to go for a second round at an authentic yakitori place we walked by near the station.

And we continued to eat and drink until right before our last train, planning our Southeast Asian trip at the end of June.

Yes, you heard right, I'll be heading home and travelling around the region for about 2 weeks. Right now the plan is Tokyo - Singapore - Bangkok - Siam Reap - Ho Chi Minh - Singapore (and maybe Indonesia if time permits) and I'm really psyched!

It's about time for a vaykay, I say.

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