Sunday, May 4, 2008
Golden Week-end 

It's the long-awaited Golden Week holidays, and most people here get an entire week off work.

Well most people except me, because I decided to work the holidays to earn some extra cash for my trip in July... but I still got a three-day weekend, which is enough for me since I already took the previous week off for Casey.

Saori invited me to Yoyogi-Koen for her university classmate's farewell party- he was going to be posted to Singapore, but apparently it has been changed to Hong Kong instead. It was drizzling at first, but the sun came out to greet us after a while and we were able to find a great spot in the park.

An absolutely beautiful day to be there, and I was able to take some great shots-

Click here for more photos from the park

I love being the only non-native in a group of Japanese people, because it forces me to speak and listen to the language... I realize I have gotten so lazy with learning (E's always egging me to gun for a JLPT2) and so comfortable with hanging out with English-speakers.

It's funny how Japanese people always ooh and aah at my grasp of the language having "only been here for a year", but I know I could be so much better if I really put in the effort...

And now I have to pick up Thai again in preparation for my Bangkok adventure...

So little time, so much to do, I just want to stay home these days. It must be delayed fatigue from hosting the Singaporean visitors the last two weeks.

I'll be home soon!

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