Monday, June 2, 2008
Auf Wiedersehen 

I bade farewell to another friend yesterday night.
Over an authentic Peruvian homecooked feast and then coffee at Starbucks, friends in a country not our own, we talked about work and life and gave Lee our blessings for his new career in Germany.

Germany, who would have imagined! He came to Japan six years not speaking a word of the language, spent the first 3 years mastering it (JLPT1, don't play play!), and then went on to conquer English.

He is my inspiration and will continue to put me to shame when he becomes fluent in German.

It's never easy, all these hellos and goodbyes. But when you know your friends are off pursuing their destinies, making something of their time here on earth, it makes the separation a little more bearable.

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