Tuesday, June 17, 2008
I not stupid 

The one about the stain from the stain remover

Me: Look at the stain on my Coach wallet.
Mellie: What happened!
Me: I used the stain remover on my wallet.
Mellie: What was the stain you had on?
Me: This stain? It's from the stain remover.
Mellie: You got a stain from a stain remover?
Me: Yes.
Mellie: But what was the stain you had on before you used the stain remover?
Me: Oh, but there was no stain.
Mellie: So why did you use a stain remover if there was no stain?
Me: I thought there was a stain.

The one about short-sighted vs near-sighted

Me: Near-sighted is the same as short-sighted, just as far-sighted is the same as long-sighted.
Mellie: No it's not! Near-sighted and short-sighted do not mean the same thing.
Me: Yes they do. They both mean you can only see things up close.
Mellie: No, near-sighted means you can, short-sighted means something else.
Me: No, they're both the same!
Mellie: And there is no such thing as long-sighted!
Me: Yes there is! It means the same as far-sighted!
Mellie: You're making up words!
Me: I'm not! That's how we say it in Singapore!
Mellie: It's wrong!
Me: But then you can use it in many contexts... like having a far sight, or having a short sight... or was that having a near sight?
Mellie: Why are we even arguing about this?!

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