Thursday, June 5, 2008

I teach English for a living, but the truth is that I can't put together a proper sentence after work. The curse of living in a non-native country!

It's funny how I've completely adapted to Janglish- the English spoken here would probably not be very intelligible to people who don't live here.

Here are some examples:

"I want to English skill up." (I want to improve my English skills.)
"I am so-so." (I am fine.)
"Case by case." (It depends.)
"Many people is there." (There are many people.)
"I had relaxed time." (I had a relaxing time.)
"Let's enjoy!" (Let's hang out!)

and I just received this on my keitai (mobile phone)-

"Last night was wonderful specially spend a time with you." (It was wonderful to have spent time with you last night.) and "You souled to go immediately." (You should check the place out soon.)


I now pepper my sentences with Japanese words like nani (what), doko (where), honto (really), sugoii (wow), chotto yabai (a little drunk), kawaii-so (poor thing), doozo (please) and onegaishimasu (please).

And then there are the cultural implications. I go hai (yes) at everything and say otsukare (loosely translated as "you must be tired") when I leave my school. I wait for everyone's drinks to arrive before we gan-bai, I say itadaikimasu (loosely translated as "I gladly receive") before I eat. I bow when I meet someone for the first time, when I come through the door, or when I receive my change at the combini (convenience store).

I can't say I don't like being polite. ^_^

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