Wednesday, June 11, 2008
My report card 

I had my annual TPE (Teacher's Performance Evaluation) today with my supervisor, based on both student feedback and his assessment, and I did really well.

"I've done many TPEs in my career, but this is the first time I've seen such high ratings for a first-year teacher. Well done! Looks like A (the previous supervisor who hired me) picked the right person."

All I could think was, thank God for His continual favour in my life.

Starting out, I had to earn the respect of my students because I was young, Asian and female. Some would subtlely challenge my right to be in the classroom instructing them on the language, while others probably didn't take me very seriously.

I have had to respond to questions like, "How come you can speak English?", "Is English your first language?" and "How many years have you been studying English?"

And then I explain that Singapore used to be colonized by the British, that I have spoken English since birth, that I am effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese and that I majored in English Language in university.

It took a while for them to know and trust me, but I like to think I've established myself somewhat.

Eagerly awaiting new challenges in my next career phase!

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