Saturday, June 14, 2008
Tokyo Tower 

At the main observatory of the Tokyo Tower

Shuichi is the kind of man your mother would want you to marry- intelligent, matured, stable and gentlemanly.

We make a handsome yuppie couple; he in his smart tailored suit and crisp British accent and me in my Bloomberg-era party dresses and heels.

Everytime I'm out with him I feel like a princess- he brings me to fancy restaurants and always offer to pay (but I always insist on chipping in) and we never run out of things to talk about.

We found out last week that neither of us have been up Tokyo Tower (He's a "country boy" from Gifu prefecture) so we decided to play tourist together and then have dinner after.

The tower looks much prettier from the bottom than up, and I actually prefer the view at the top of the Mori building in nearby Roppongi. We almost bought cheesy souvenirs just for the sake of it, but our better judgement prevailed.

We took a nice stroll from the tower to Tamachi station (although he claimed he was about to faint from hunger) and found a posh Chinese restaurant tucked in an old building.

It was a rather strange place- the decor was minimal and the tables placed too far apart, and in the middle of our dinner the waiter sat in front of the ornamental piano in the middle and started playing loudly, and was soon joined by his boss on the erhu.

The service however, was excellent and the food really delicious. It was so good I even got them to pack what I couldn't finish so that I could have it for lunch tomorrow!

It was a nice night out with Shu-chan, and I managed to buy nice presents for my family.

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