Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Hanabi season 

After work last Saturday, I decided to crash Mellie and Mamo's little hanabi party by the Sumida River and it was a brilliant experience (pardon the pun).

They had gone early to reserve a good viewing spot and found a perfect place under the bridge, right by the waters.

In summer, there are plenty of outdoor festivals held at different locations every weekend and the Japanese gather to enjoy the cool evening breeze and watch spectacular fireworks display.

Sumida is the largest of them all, with 900,000 people coming together and about 20,000 fireworks being set off for about an hour and a half- think the Singapore National Day parade on steroids. The entire sky is lit a kaleidescope of colours by the massive display and you allow yourself to be enveloped in an imaginary Disney world of incredible sights and sounds.

I remind myself life in Tokyo isn't so bad.

P/S: I haven't been updating as often because my laptop is infected by a virus from Cambodia, and it keeps dying on me. Time to look for a new one! :(

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