Sunday, September 14, 2008

I really really really miss my camera.

Somewhere in Cambodia, someone has my camera with a 1GB memory card and about 300-odd photos of E and myself, family and friends during our trip in July. Heart pain.

I have the SLR that is on loan from E, but it is a little too heavy to carry around for everyday snapshots, especially when I'm having a night out in Tokyo... I am hoping the insurance claim will go through and I can buy myself a new toy soon. 

In the meantime, I will have to rely on the crappy photos taken on E's fancy iPhone, or waiting for others to upload/send me pictures they took.

Here's some from dinner/supper after work near our school, in a fancy izakaya with our new colleague P and E gate-crashing.

Wendy's sexy new Sony digicam comes with a purikura function that allows you to add frames, cliparts and doodles on the photos taken, and an awkward function that automatically shoots when it detects a smile in the view-finder (which explains our forced smiles in the last photo). Trust the Japanese to think of that!

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