Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Never let you go 

It's true, the cliche- the man who is worth your tears will never make you cry.

In our waking moments, my eyes barely opened and cocooned in his arms, I found myself talking about him. I talked about our constant fighting, the suspicion, his late nights, the other girls, my inability to handle the relationship, my all-too-often emotional outbursts. I talked about it with a strange detachment, as if recounting a scene from a movie I had watched yesterday. The man who once was my everything now means nothing to me.

And now I have you. How do you describe a man who makes your heart feels like it's about to burst, someone who truly is too wonderful for words? You reach for my hand in public, you tell me to run after my dreams, you make me feel like I can walk on water. You give me security like no one else has. 

It took us 8 months to get here, but I am holding on. 

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