Wednesday, October 1, 2008
The crowning of a Sudo-queen 

I've gone Sudo-cuckoo.

It all started when I saw my co-worker X working on a puzzle in the staff lounge. I asked him what he was doing, at which he promptly tore a sheet off his book and quickly explained the rules to me and told me to try working on one. 

15 minutes later, I was hooked.

I got X to tear out a few more pages for me and began working on them. That night, I introduced it to E and got him addicted as well. In fact, he downloaded the application onto his iPhone and began ignoring me on our dates to work on the puzzles. -___-"

A few weeks later, when all the puzzles had been solved and I was too embarrassed to ask X to give me more scrap puzzles, I walked into the bookstore and bought two puzzle books for E and myself.

Now I work on my puzzles while having breakfast, while working on my computer, on my long commute to work, in between my lessons and during my meal breaks, right before I go to sleep. I might as well have the book surgically attached to my hand.

There is beauty in the simplicity of the game- all the numbers 1 to 9 have to appear vertically, horizontally and within each smaller grids of 3 by 3. There is no room for shortcuts and cheating (unless you peak at the answer sheet, which only leaves you very unsatisfied when the puzzle is complete), it's just pure logic and skills of deduction.

The best advice I received from E, which has helped me solve many puzzles- "You just got to stare at it long enough and the answer will come to you."

Now excuse me while I return to Puzzle No. 26.

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