Wednesday, December 24, 2008
On the eve of Christmas eve 

E and I took a 2-hour long train ride to Saitama Prefecture for an early Christmas dinner with the Fukais.

There really is nothing like a home-cooked feast- Chieko prepared agedashi tofu (one of E's favourite), harumaki, ebi-chilli and a gigantic platter of sashimi (which was perfect because we had been craving for sushi on the long train ride) to go with the seaweed and vinegared rice. And of course Sapporo beer and warm sake.

We were kept entertained by her adorable 3-year old grandson Hiro, who has more energy than any child I have ever met. He was running about the house laughing and screaming, playing with his parents, helping out with serving beer to the men (this I kid you not) and climbing all over the furniture. I got exhausted just from watching him.

We talked a little about the upcoming trip to Hokkaido; Chieko and her friend who lives there will host us and take us around. I am really looking forward to going snowboarding in Niseco- it's supposed to have the best landscape and powdered snow in Japan!

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