Monday, January 26, 2009
It's not about happenstance 

...You need to fly to take a chance.

But I will tell you that this globetrotting business is far less carefree and glamorous than it looks.

How we plan for a trip is usually geographical- we look at the map of the region we want to go to and then work out which cities we want to visit and how long for, and that is also limited by where the budget airlines fly. Then research and book all the flights and accomodation, and we usually have to toggle between several open windows to see which ticket is the cheapest. Followed by reading up on the various places and deciding what we would like to see or do there. All these are carefully charted on an Excel sheet that E and I meticulously update, and we e-mail it back and forth whenever something new is added. And then we have to shop for insurance, get the necessary vaccinations and travel to various embassies to apply for visas.

It all works out to be much more complicated and expensive than just the "cheap $80 ticket we found online to Ho Chi Minh city".

But I love it. There is nothing like hitting the road with as little baggage as I can manage (but I'm a girl), waking up in a strange city and knowing that today is going to be a new adventure, interacting with local people and learning about their culture and language, collecting stories to tell my family and friends back home, building new memories with my boy.

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