Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Let yourself feel 

I explained to my kids today that because Singapore is located on the Equator, there are no seasons.

E: You mean, like there's ONLY summer?
Me: Yes, we don't have winter, autumn or spring.
H: So, if the weather heats up, does the heat go down? (They sometimes speak in riddles!)
Me: Well, it is about 30 degrees during the day and 25 at night.
E: So do the people in Singapore wear special clothes?
Me: What do you mean by special clothes?
E: Like grass skirts or something.
Me: No, we wear normal clothes like you do here, but they are made of thinner materials.
J: Do you have trees in Singapore?
Me: Yes, we have trees in Singapore.

I will have to bring in some photos of Singapore to show them, because I have no idea what they are imagining in their minds!

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