Thursday, February 11, 2010
Summer days driftin' away 

Taken somewhere along Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Growing up in a tropical country, I never took much notice of the sun. It was just always there.

But now I live in a city that is infamous for having four seasons in one day, hence people worship the sun, and as long as there is daylight (which means up to 9 at night) people would be out and about soaking up the rays.

In between classes in university, my mates and I would run to the lawn, sit on the grass and eat our packed lunches with the sun in our eyes. On weekends, E and I enjoy a leisurely coffee al fresco, attend free gigs in the parks and go on bike trails. When I am alone, I make a concerted effort not to sit in front of my computer for hours on end, opting instead to potter about the house keeping myself active.

Summer is slippin' through my fingers, faster than I can manage in the palm of my hand!

This weekend I will be celebrating the CNY in Boxhill, and then on Sunday I might drag E down to Camberwell with me again before we head to St. Kilda for the massive music festival, and then to the Botanical Gardens for Shakespeare in the Park!

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