Sunday, March 7, 2010
Tropfest favourites 

Here are my favourite entries from Tropfest 2010-

"Happenstance" by John Marsh

Grey is a young woman lost beyond hope. Jilted, depressed and alone, she makes a life-ending decision on Valentines Day, when a hapless singing bear-o-gram changes the course of events.

"There had better be blood" by Charles William

The overactive imagination of rival brothers land them in trouble.

"Fish Lips" by Duane Fogwell

A story about love, about family, about fish fingers, and a game called Yahtzee!

This is E's favourite entry-

"Falling Backwards" by Harrison Murray

A man stand naked and alone in his torn apart living room. A kitchen knife lies limp amongst the broken glass on his floor. How can unraveling the pieces help change what has already happened? Can regret overcome fate?

And the winner of the competition-

"Shock" by Abe Forsythe

A broken Man awakes to be confronted with his life, and the choices he's made. His past, present and future collide as he faces the inevitable...

You can watch all 16 short films here! :)

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