Thursday, April 1, 2010
I can't see nobody but you 


The southernmost city in the world.

They say it's the end of the world. Heartbroken people go the lighthouse and leave their sorrows behind.

I watched 春光乍洩 (Happy Together) by Wong Kar Wai and cried my eyes out.

Chang: In January 1997 I finally arrive at the end of the world. This is the southernmost lighthouse in South America. Beyond this is the South Pole.

Suddenly I feel like going home. Even though home is far away, at that moment it feels very close.

I promised Fai to leave his sadness here. I don't know what he said that night. Maybe the recorder broke. I couldn't hear anything on the tape. Just some strange noises, like someone sobbing.

Fai: Before I leave Argentina, I decided to try to see the falls again. 

I lose my way and wander around for a while, but I finally reach Iguazu. I feel very sad. I feel like there should be two of us standing here.

There are movies that just get to you.

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