Sunday, July 18, 2010
Cold turn our breath into clouds 

A few weeks ago Casey mailed me a maxi dress with a card to tell me she missed me.

And so I had to wear the dress even though we're right in the middle of a very cold winter. 

I matched it with my sister's gifted Balenciaga, belt from Supre and sandals from Dotti, and then threw on a lovely blue cardigan I got from some cheap Asian boutique at Bondi Junction in Sydney. Needless to say, I nearly froze to death.

By the way, it's official- E and I have signed the lease on a 2-bedroom apartment in the south-east and we're moving in next Saturday. This time I also get a dishwasher and a lovely balcony overlooking the area! 

We had a walk around the neighbourhood and I absolutely love it. It has a big Greek and Asian community and features everything you need for surburban living. It is home to the best Greek cafe in Melbourne, so no surprise where I would be hanging out from now on. Located right in the middle of two train stations and a big bus terminal, it is also within walking distance to Chadstone (or "Chaddy" as the locals would call it), the biggest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere. 

And because I am all about good news today- I passed my Learner's Permit test on Friday which means I can start learning to drive from E and hopefully I'll be good able to take the practical exam by the end of the year! :) 

I can't wait for the weather to turn warmer again xx

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