Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shy That Way by Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz

I don't think we can ever really know what we want in life. And even if we think we do, things can change in the blink of an eyelid and in this age of volatility I have learnt that they often do. You think you’re headed a certain road for the longest time and overnight something happens and suddenly your entire paradigm is shifted.

Part of growing up seems to be realizing that the real world doesn’t quite operate on your clock or around your agenda, and time and again I find myself having to readjust my expectations on how things should be.

Not that life has been difficult for me, on the contrary I look back and amazed at how far I have come in the last year and am grateful for the blessings I do not deserve.

Being in an environment where people are motivated and ambitious propels me to dare to dream big dreams and constantly challenge myself to be better, at the same time aware that my contributions won’t always be recognized if I don’t speak up and sell myself and that people skills and social connections do matter.

If you asked me two years ago I would never have imagined myself being in the finance sector but by His provision and grace I have been in Bloomberg for a year and have gained a whole new set of knowledge and skills and am still learning everyday.

I love my job. Of course there are days when you curse the very existence of yourself and fantasize about yourself smashing the terminal and walking out of the office with pizzazz, to the envy of your colleagues who are pathetically typing away meaninglessly on their keyboards churning out financial jargon they pretend to understand. But there are days when you look at the brilliance and talent that surrounds you and am excited just to breathe the same air they do and you know that you will never quite fulfil yourself some place else.

And as I stand at the crossroads wondering where God will lead me next, I also find myself in a place of rest, because I know in Him I am secured and that he has fought and won every battle for me. Just like Joseph, who despite all obstacles rose the ranks to become the Pharoah’s right hand man and continually received God’s protection and favour everywhere he went.

So be encouraged.

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