Thursday, March 1, 2007
My boast in Christ 

You Keep Givin' Me Love by Brian Littrell

I am amazed beyond words.

I had my one year review with the APAC Manager today and it went really well. He said something to the effect that there should be more people like me on the desk and if he could choose, he would certainly want to keep me in the department and how "it is no secret that we (the management) love you and I certainly wish our clients share the same sentiments".

Once again, this can only be the favour of God and when I boast I boast in Christ alone.

The pay increment was certainly better than expected. By the sheer provision of God, my income has doubled in a little over a year since I left my old job and I am grateful that undeserving as I am, He is lavish with his blessings.

While the Associates team has not been announced, it seems like the manager likes me enough for me to get on and my team leader said my chances are high too.

Either way, it is a career progression and I look forward to the challenges ahead!

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