Monday, February 19, 2007
my life as it is 

Shine by Take That
(Jason Orange
is still the hotness.)

People tell me I'm living the life, which to them equals a blossoming bareer, potential (and often ambiguous) relationships and a "wah, you damn happenin'!!" lifestyle filled with crazy nights out partyin' and exciting travel plans.

I'm not denying that my life has taken a 180 degree turn from when I was miss Holy Molly. But I'm still the girl who'd much rather be curled up at home with a cuppa and a good book than being out and about town, who still knows all the words to her favourite Backstreet Boys songs and gushes over the very-married Brian Littrell, who finds more comfort writing poetry than drinkin' and dancin' myself silly, who'd much rather be single than be in the arms of the wrong man, no matter how easy it is to pull one.

There's always a gulf between perception and reality.

So today I found myself alone at home finishing "My Sister's Keeper" while my entire family was at my aunt's a few blocks away, after which I treated myself to love letters dipped in instant mocha and surfed channels. I even read one chapter of "Swap Literary" in an attempt to make myself smarter over the holidays, hah!

I love having my own space.

Which is why I'm seriously considering moving out with Ann next month. I've grew up with domestic help all my life and I'm hopeless with chores. Recently the desire to lead an independent life away from my family has only grown stronger- sure, it means having to crawl out of my comfort zone and a lot of re-adjustments in my lifestyle, but I feel like I owe it to myself to start now. (I haven't spoken to my parents yet, but we found an apartment in town with an unbelievable price tag and I need to confirm by the end of this month.)

Anyhow, I need to pass my Fixed Income roleplay this Thursday to either qualify for an Associate position in Analytics or move on to Sales. One thing at a time, me.

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