Sunday, April 29, 2007
Let's talk about life and money 

I think I might be temporarily cured from my shopaholism.

I'll admit that I've only really spring cleaned my room once or twice since I moved into my current apartment 5-6 years ago, which means I have a lot of junk accumulated.

Having been packing my life into boxes for the past 2 weeks, I am still not done- the more I try to pack, the bigger a mess it becomes and I force myself to throw away a lot of things that I previously regarded as keepsake. What's the point?

It almost made me realize how much money I spend on things I don't need or use, and the guilt worsens when I cannot think of another person to pass it on to.

So when I am out shopping now I buy only neccessities to bring with me to Tokyo, like suitcases and coats and work shoes. Everything else just seems like such a waste of money and space.

Also, most people don't know this but my relocation to Tokyo is completely self-funded. The cost of my work visa, air ticket and accomodation comes from my own pocket and the school acts only as an guarantor for me.

I am hired on a normal teacher's salary (although Berlitz is the most prestigious and highest paying language center) and in fact it comes up to less than what I was getting at Bloomberg after working in the bonus.

Considering the fact that Tokyo is also twice as expensive to live in than Singapore and that I now have to pay for rent, utilities, groceries and household items, frugal is the new me.

This means no more chi-chi meals and overpriced coffee, no more cab rides when I don't feel like public transport, no more bulk buying of books at Borders or two new dresses every week.

Not to mention the fact that P flies here on the 9th and Hilde on the 10th and I want to save as much as I can so that we can do more stuff and eat better food!

I am also trying to prepare for my new life there by learning how to cook simple meals, being punctual for all meetings and learning to clean up after myself. Other things I want to accomplish when I move to Tokyo includes laundry, mastering the Tokyo subway lines, getting a cellphone, opening a bank account, finding an apartment and finding a new social circle.

Don't you laugh at me.

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