Thursday, May 31, 2007
same same, but different 

P just left for the airport to send his mum off, and I finally get some time to myself.

In the past few days we've gone to Shinjuku, Odaiba, Akihabara, Tokyo Dome and Chiba and I have some photos but too random to post here.

Since moving here, P and I have had arguments about things that probably has to do with culture and family upbringing, but it's a good thing we always talk it out and end with a truce.

For example, when my family in Singapore have dinner, we all dig into the dishes with our own chopsticks and even eat someone else's unfinished meal with the utensil they used before, but to P this is unhygenic and there needs to be a separate fork/spoon for each dish so that the food does not get contaminated.

But so I learn and I adapt.

I haven't shared this with him, but the ways we give and receive love are different too. I show love by giving gifts which I always put a lot of thought into but he receives love by hearing words of encouragement. I write glowingly about him here in my blog but I still refuse to let him read it. He shows love by offering acts of service but I receive love by receiving gifts and verbal affirmation. At least we both spend quality time together, but I think this will all change once he starts work tomorrow at an investment bank known for hellishly long hours.

Honestly I still don't know what to make out of us and my living here, but I hate feeling like I am overstaying my welcome and imposing on him, although he always assures me otherwise.

I make up for it by washing all the dishes and doing the laundry.

His washing machine is out on the balcony and there was only one pair of slippers, so he piggy-backed me and I giggled while he taught me which buttons to press and how much detergent to put in. The machine plays cute musical tones when it starts up.

We should do something special tonight.

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