Thursday, July 5, 2007
Coming Home 

The express Odakyu train that takes me from my school in Hon-Atsugi to my transfer station in Shinjuku becomes irregular at night, so by the time I end my last lesson at 9:15, it's usually close to 11 by the time I get back to Baba.

P gets back from work around 8 or 9, but he takes a nap and wait for me to come back to have a late dinner with me. It's nice to have someone to return home to after a long commute, and it's pretty much all the time we get to spend these days because I work weekends.

I found out that I got the social apartment in Yomiuiriland-mae, but I decided not to take it because of the distance from the place to the station and from the station to both school and Shinjuku (45 minutes per way). I think also because I've grown attached to Baba, being on the Yamanote line and just living in central Tokyo that anywhere else seems like such a drag.

It's cramped here in P's room obviously, I can't even fully unpack and I end up recycling the clothes I wear although there are tons more in my suitcases.

But I can't imagine going home to a strange station, an empty room and random people.

So I am waiting for when Jo comes in September/October and we can look for a proper place, and we can share clothes and bags and explore far-flung places together.

It's off to do the laundry, and I hope everyone is well!

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