Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today there was an accident on the Odakyu line and I was stuck on the train for 2 and a half hours (instead of the usual 55 minutes). The rapid express had become a local, people were getting restless on the train that was bound for Fujisawa and I had to transfer at Sagami-Ono and wait another 20 minutes for the next local to take me to Hon-Atsugi.

Taboleh tahan.

I was already unmotivated enough as it was, and it took a lot of restrain not to take the train back home and crawl back into bed with coffee and a good read.

I had to call my school three times to update them on my whereabouts and Blair had to cover me for my first lesson and I ended up reaching 5 minutes before my second kid's class, and thank God for Roxy who had prepped all the materials for me!

Recently the number of railway accidents and delayed trains have been increasing, and living in a big city where everything runs like clockwork and the transportation system is synced to the second, it makes me one very unhappy girl when the trains don't arrive when they are supposed to!

And thanks to Melissa, I have become a hermit these days. She introduced me to and I am a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d. I watched Death Note 1 and 2 and now I'm onto Haken no Hinkaku (The Dignity of the Temp Staff), and they all come with English subtitles. :)

I guess I don't need to buy a television anymore!

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