Monday, November 5, 2007
My crazy weekend 

What a weekend (and long rambly blog)!

I've had less than 12 hours of sleep in the last 3 days combined, and here I am wide awake, but I blame it on the large blend coffee I had at Cafe Veloce with P at 11 at night. More on that later.

On Friday, I had Japanese class in the morning and thereafter Mel and I headed to Shinjuku to meet my niece Jessie and her boyfriend Thomas who were here on holiday. We bought them to eat handmade soba and the amazing crepe cake and coffee, and a bit of shopping in the Lumine malls. I had stupidly decided to wear my new sexy knee-high leather boots with 3-inch stiletto heels, and I nearabout lost all sensation in my toes before sunset.

Following that, I rushed home to put down the two huge bags of stuff that Jessie had brought over on behalf of my mum, and then I changed to something more clubby (and danceable shoes) and headed to Roppongi with Jo. Together with Ami, we saw the contemporary art exhibition in Mori Art Museum and had dinner at a famous tonkatsu restaurant and ended with coffee at Tully's.

Ami headed home to rest and Ben took over her and we headed for Club 911 near Exit 5, which I later found out was the ultimate sleaze spot! It was free entry and the DJ spinned pretty good music, plus Ben was ever the gentleman who protected Jo and I from the leary glances and provacative stares of men all night. Despite the crowd and my tiredness, we had a lot of fun!

We danced till half-past 3 in the morning and took a cab back to Baba, where we ate random food from the fridge and watched Sex and The City and chatted till 5 in the morning. It was like a girl's sleepover with a man sandwiched in between, haha!

We all got up around 11 and had a homemade breakfast and then slowly got ready to travel to IKEA in Chiba, which is about an hour away. The trains were horribly confusing and we got lost both going there and coming back, but Jo and I spent our entire day there and bought tons of stuff for the apartment and we're both so excited to do up our bachelorette pad!

The bulkier items will be delivered to our place this Wednesday, but we somehow managed to handcarry back about 30-40 kg of items back, including bedsheets, lamps, trashbins, pots, kitchen utensils, pillow, comforter etc... It was definitely quite the sight and muchly hilarious!

I went to bed past 2 and woke up at 630 on Sunday morning for work. It went by pretty quickly although I was dead tired towards the end. I took the express train back to Baba and changed to jeans before heading back to Shinjuku to meet Yvon for dinner. We both got lost and it took P about 45 minutes to help us find one another!

Yvon is in town for a work seminar and we had a fun time catching up and hanging out, but it was past 9 when dinner ended and we couldn't find a good cafe to chill. P and I saw Yvon to her subway line and decided to catch a late screening of Resident Evil 3. We wandered around Kabuki-cho in futility and ended up all the way at the Wald9 cinema in OIOI city. The only show left was 23:05 and we figured we could still catch the last Yamanote train.

With about an hour to kill before the movie, P and I headed to Cafe Veloce to have a drink and a chat. The talk turned serious and we both got some things out of our system and I'm glad we are still friends after everything. It takes a lot of effort from both parties but we do care for each other and we're just gonna keep things uncomplicated for now.

The movie was better than expected, although the digital effect nearly knocked me off my seats. The movie ended at 1240 am and we literally ran all the way from the 9th floor to the lobby and down 3 streets to make it for the last train at 1! I was breathless by the time I got to the platform, but even more awake from the cold and running.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day- more shopping with Jo at noon for household stuff, then to check out the gym in Atsugi with Ben, teaching there and in Sakuragicho (wherever it is!) till 9ish.

I can't wait for Tuesday to do nothing.

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