Friday, December 14, 2007
All dressed up 

In a previous life better known as Bloomberg, I used to wear fabulous dresses and attended all these fabulous parties and mingled with fabulous people.

But then I quit and moved to Tokyo to be an English teacher, and perhaps in a state of delusion or sheer ignorance, I packed half a dozen dresses thinking that there must be some occasion for me to wear them to.

Well, the occasion never came and my clothes were sadly collecting dust in my huge wardrobe... until Shuichi, my knight in shining armour, invited me to watch celebrated Taiko drummer Eitetsu Hayashi perform with an orchestra tonight in the famed Suntory Hall.

I literally jumped at the chance. This girl would do anything to dress up.

And so I'm off, to a night of high heels, posh dining and make-believe!

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