Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Knock knock 

Pardon my recent lack of verbosity.

It is possible to run out of things to do in Tokyo, or maybe the novelty of the big city is starting to wear off. I'm sorry for those who were living vicariously through me.

These days I find myself reluctant to go out, opting instead to stay at home and make my own drip coffee (I have Kona, Starbucks, Kaldi and more...) and read books or watch "TV". Thanks to Mel I started using BitComet and thanks to Sri I discovered Joox. Behold the wonders of the Internet!

Shopping has lost its thrill now that my wardrobe is officially bursting (and my bank account depleting). I realized that I don't wear half the stuff that hangs inside and that someday, I will have to bring it back to Singapore with me. Uh-oh.

I have decided that I shall work more, save more and prepare for a grand vacation somewhere this year. Location undisclosed until I find the perfect travel partner. ;)

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