Sunday, January 27, 2008
Goodbye shopaholic,
hello foodie! 

With Shuichi, I am always guaranteed a good meal.

He is my walking Zagat guide and I can count on him to bring me to the most random places and satisfy my cravings. I've had Korean in Shin-Okubo, French-Japanese fusion and Chinese in Maru, Indian in Yaesu, Brazilian in Shibuya and okonomiyaki in Omotesando, among other things.

Tonight it was Italian in Yushima. We shared five starters, two pizzas, two pastas, two bottles of wine and an espresso, topped by a cocktail and TWO servings of desserts each. I ate till I thought I was going to bleed Italian from the nose but it was sooooo good. And the bill only came up to about 5,000 yen each (SGD62.50).

Next week he is bringing me for oden in Shin-Maru, which I've heard is the typical winter food. I like!

On Tuesday I caught up with Ishida over tsukemen. Yesterday Mellie and I cooked a giant pot of vegetable soup at her place and walked to Cocktail-Do in Toranamon for coffee and cake. For dinner I had a wide assortment of yakitori and a big pot on chicken nabe with Yunan and friends.

What is winter without the food?

I am renouncing my shopaholic ways and converting to a foodie instead.

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