Friday, March 21, 2008
How it rained today 

Behold, spring has arrived!

But the picture doesn't look quite right-

Taken from inside the Starbucks in Tsutaya Roppongi

How it rained and rained and rained today.

Ryan and I were supposed to head to Inokashira Park for a leisurely day of reading, Holga-playing and exploring Kichijoji, but we had to shelf our plans no thanks to the dreadful weather.

Instead we went to Roppongi. I saw the UBS exhibit for the second time, except this time with him who studied art for many years and gave me a fresh perspective on everything. Admittedly I felt stupid for the things I wish I knew, but humility is a good quality to cultivate.

It's hard to hold on to something you feel like you never quite had.

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