Thursday, June 12, 2008
If the shoe fits 

Like most women, I own too many pairs of shoes.

Some pairs I was really excited about at the shop but didn't seem like such a great buy once I take it out of the box at home, others never really fitted but I insisted on wearing out of sheer vanity. Some were designed like modern-day torture instruments, but baby, they were so in then. Only a few pairs have I truly loved.

I think I might have found the perfect pair of shoes.

I have been admiring it for more than 6 months- it's classy yet down-to-earth, versatile, fun and silly at times, hip, sassy and most importantly, all my friends love it. They think it's time I threw out all my old pairs and invest in a quality pair of shoes that will last me longer than just a few months.

I am inclined to agree, but how can I be so sure of myself? What if the pair is too good for me? What if it gives me blisters? What if the insole comes off? What if it looks better on another pair of legs? What if it is simply meant to stay in the window display and not actually be worn?

When did buying a pair of shoes become so complicated?

P/S: One year ago, I was excited about going home. Last night I was MSNing E and telling him all the food we're going to eat ourselves stupid on and I'm equally as excited to go home! 18 more days to Sunny Singapura!!

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