Friday, June 27, 2008
Let it out 

At some point I had to let it out.

You know, have a good cry or a good shout, a good out and about town with some friends. I don't really know what's been bothering me, but something just is and I needed tonight.

I met E and two good friends in Jiyugaoka for dinner in a Hungarian restaurant that we stumbled upon. It was on the third floor of a indescript building just opposite the North exit and overlooked the city square and roundabout, with folk music piping softly from the speakers. You've got to love Japan for being random.

I know, it's all very... orange.

But it was yummy, especially with the bottle of Hungarian red wine we opened.

And since the night was still young, we decided to go for some karaoke. Yu bumped into a friend on the streets who also happened to be going for karaoke so he invited her and her friends to join us, and so it ended up being 8 of us in a room with no ventilation.

Not like that'd ever stop me from going crazy, and I had my 4 glasses of wine as an excuse.

I had tons of fun belting out those tunes (I would have had even if it had been just me in the room!) but it also made me miss my friends from home a lot, thinking of those endless karaoke nights we used to have and I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM IN LESS THAN 5 DAYS!

Don't say I look like a teenager here, because I know I do.

It was uncanny how I got home and talked to E for an hour on Skype and found out that he was equally as frustrated as I have been... which only goes to show we both truly need this time-out from Japan.

But I probably will miss things here a bit when I am gone for three weeks!

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