Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Singapore Dreamin' 

"Can you believe that we'll be in SG in less than 2 weeks??????" E texted me the night before.

I couldn't, and the truth is I have been dreaming about that every night.

I dream about being home, in my old room, I dream about talking to my mum, I dream about being around Singapore, in my surburban neighbourhood, I dream about what life used to be before I moved to Tokyo. It's so real I don't wake up, and maybe I don't want to.

I wish I could hop onto a plane and fly back tomorrow. But I know the day would arrive before we know it, and our little Southeast Asia adventure would be over before we know it too.

And I haven't seen E in 2 weeks, so even though he kept me waiting for more than an hour (we had agreed to do drinks after his dinner with his music producer), and even though I had eventually decided to go home and was at my station walking back to my apartment, I happily hopped back onto the Yamanote back to Shibuya to meet him for a catch-up session.

It was nice seeing him again, and I was ready to have a heart-to-heart talk over our usual round of drinks at the Hub. We walked from Hachiko and I took a wrong turn, and who would we bump into but our dear friend Leon.

We invited him to have drinks with us. I didn't realize how drunk E already was ("I had a beer to start off with and about a hundred glasses of wine after that," he confessed while walking) and his face was beet-red and he was smiling cyptically and sprouting more rubbish than usual. ("I like Chinese girls but I hate Singaporean girls", "T's the meanest girl I've ever known","That's because Singaporeans are not native in English", "She's totally pyscho, man".)

It's a love-hate relationship. He loves me and I hate him.

We left the Hub in time to catch our last train home. But Leon and I sat across from my apartment talking about life and love, and it ended with us dancing in the moonlight, he was going on as usual about Keanu Reeves and I was singing Theresa Teng's songs.

See you in less than two weeks!

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