Saturday, October 25, 2008
The flight of a meager machine 

The last week flew by in the blink of an eyelid, also because I worked an extra day to help out with overbooked lessons and had just one day of rest.

My week was spent packing my stuff, doing a bit of cleaning here and there, spending quality time with E, planning for our second Southeast Asia trip in February, catching up with Smelly Mellie (and we went shoppppping instead of going to the museum because of the awful weather), hosting a cosy wine and cheese party with some friends at my place... and major PMS-ing.

E and I also rented The Kite Runner DVD from Tsutaya and loved it! It now ranks as one of my favourite movie of all the time. Two lines that grabbed my heart- "There is a way to be good again", that in life, there is always a chance of redemption; and the classic "For you, a thousand times over", which talks about the notion of an unconditional love that knows no bounds. The movie was as good as the book was, and it made me cry a river.

Last night I showed E some poetry I had written, and today I came home and saw a full-page handwritten letter on my laptop. My foolish heart skipped a beat and thought that he had finally come around and written me a love letter, but this is what it said-

Please help me rediscover my diginity!

Hi! My name is |T's Computer|! Nice to meet you! Unfortunately I'm running like a dog because I was infected with a virus etc etc etc, so basically I'm not really feeling the best at the moment... what I'm really looking forward to is a new OS... yeah there's nothing I'd like more than having everything re-installed on me... ooooh just thinking about it turns me on, yeah baby!

All I need done is to have all of my owner's files to be moved to the portable HD.

Please help me so I can start re-enjoying life!!!

- ___-""" Uncle, you really damn siao one lor.

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